Thank YOU for Always Coming to Our Rescue

We have heard it said that “Some friends leave footprints in your heart.”  When we hear that quote, we cannot help but think of you!

This past year was very challenging, as you know. We were faced with two pressing needs – more dogs who were abandoned or abused and needed to be rescued, and many more dogs whose health and lives were in peril. With an average of 105 dogs in The Doghouse at any given time, our expenses for food, veterinary care, medicine, supplies, and everything else a dog needs increased significantly.

A time of challenge indeed … but also a time of thanksgiving!

Thanks to YOU, we were able to care for these dogs, giving them a chance for a loving home and a healthy life. Our gratitude goes beyond words…

We are grateful for our loving adopters who made a Lifetime Promise to our dogs and opened their hearts and homes to them.

We are blessed to have friends who put forth the $105,000 challenge gift in December … and so grateful to our many friends and donors who, through their generosity, helped us achieve it.

We are thankful for our steadfast friends who are part of our Monthly Mutts Program, who are always there for us, sustaining our mission all year long.

We are so appreciative of the many individuals, organizations and groups who generously support our work.

We are grateful to all those who volunteer their time and talent in so many ways, helping with adoptions, outreach, and leadership so important to our mission. And we are touched by those who send notes and words of encouragement. These inspire us and feed our spirit every day.

You came, and continue to come, to our rescue.

In 2021, we tried our very best for our dogs and beloved pets of our community members. While we were there for them, you were there for us every step of the way.  Here are just a few highlights of what we were able to accomplish because of YOU…

  • We sustained our Rescue, with everyone running at full steam to make sure every single dog living at the Doghouse received the love and care they deserved.
  • All of our dogs received veterinary care, medication, and follow-up treatment for both routine and severe health challenges.
  • 294 dogs found loving homes in 2021, and their adoptive families experienced the unconditional love and joy that a dog brings into their lives.
  • 110 dogs that belong to struggling families received help with urgent and life-changing veterinary care, allowing them to care for and keep their beloved pets.
  • We worked with our local rescue partners, families and the community to help them care for their pets, helping in so many ways.

Truly, you are part of everything that we accomplish, every dog that is saved, and every family that experiences the joy of welcoming a new dog into their loving home.

Thank you for helping us fulfill our “Lifetime Promise” that we make to every dog we rescue…“You will never live in a shelter or go hungry or live without love.”  We also make a promise to YOU: As long as there are dogs to rescue and protect, we will continue to be there for them!

What a blessing it is to have you by our side. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for believing that every dog’s life matters…for caring…for placing your trust in us…and for all that you do to support our work. We are forever grateful and blessed.



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