Tim Bourke on Getting a Horse Fit for Rolex CCI****

Wellington, Fla. – May 18, 2017 – Getting a horse fit to complete Rolex or any CCI**** takes many months of conditioning work and preparation. Hours of walking, trot sets, and hill gallops interspersed with skill work perfecting dressage and jumping technique. Every rider’s program is a little different based on their individual horse’s needs and the facilities they have access to. Similarly nutrition programs vary.

Tim Bourke and Luchaun QualityEnviroEquine ambassador Tim Bourke doesn’t change much when it comes to his horse’s nutrition in the run up to a big competition like Rolex. “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” is Tim’s philosophy and it is the philosophy that took him and Luchaun Quality to a 16th place finish at this year’s Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event.

“If the horses’ coats are good and their feet are good, and I feel like the horses are going really well, I’m not going to change anything just because there is a big competition,” says Bourke.

Tim used Enviro Equine GastroBalance and ElectroBalance in combination with his regular commercial grain to fuel Luchaun Quality to his Rolex finish.

“I couldn’t be happier with my horses and I actually couldn’t be happier with the product” says Bourke.

Luchaun Quality is now getting 4 to 6 weeks of well-earned rest at pasture before gearing up for the fall season. While his grain is cut in half due to the reduced work load Tim continues with the EnviroEquine products. They help support gastrointestinal health while on pasture and provide important micronutrients such as copper and zinc that can be lacking when commercial feeds are fed at reduced rates.

Read about the science behind the supplements, check out the benefits of the EnviroEquine products Tim uses below, and then click to purchase GastroBalance and ElectroBalance!

Based in Austin, Texas, Enviro Equine also manufactures canine supplements, free from GMOs, that help support a normal inflammatory response, healthy joint function, skin and coat quality, and support heart health.

To learn more about Enviro Equine and their list of all-natural products and sponsored riders and trainers, please visit www.enviroequine.comGastroBalance and ElectroBalance

By Dr Clair Thunes PhD Nutrition
Consulting Nutritionist for EnviroEquine & PET


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