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Wellington, Fla. – Mar. 24, 2021 – During Week 10 of the Palm Beach International Equestrian Center’s (PBIEC) Educational Series, VetBlue introduced webinar participants to their new, state of the art wound care foams during their Blue Ribbon Wound Care seminar. Dr. Lara Shreve and Dr. Grant Myhre discussed new ways to manage infection and speed up the wound healing process with the revolutionary new wound care product, VetBlue!

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Dr. Myhre is a highly experienced vet who practices out of his veterinary practice in New Hampshire, Myhre Equine Clinic. Throughout his presentation, Dr. Myhre went into the fine details of wound care, starting with different types of wounds, wound anatomy, and how VetBlue’s two wound care products, PVA and PU, drastically changed the wound healing process for one of his equine patients after a serious melanoma surgery on the horse’s tail.

With VetBlue’s wound care products’ help, Dr. Myhre was able to save the horse’s tail and get him back to competition more quickly.

Dr. Shreve currently practices at Hassayampa Veterinary Service in Arizona. She took a deep dive into the properties and advantages of using the VetBlue products and how they have impacted the equines that she has treated, specifically a working western horse with a proud flesh wound that was not healing.

After months of cutting back the proud flesh and not seeing progressive results, Dr. Shreve began using VetBlue’s PVA foam and noticed an incredible suppression of proud flesh in just three days! No further sharp debridement of proud flesh was needed once PVA foam was used.

VetBlue is impacting the equine community by providing the perfect wound care solution from onset to outcome. Successful wound management requires management of bioburden, maintaining moisture balance, and removal of devitalized tissue. VetBlue products can help all of these with a single dressing.

This new product helps suppress proud flesh, is antibacterial, is a bioburden indicator, has natural negative pressure, natural autolytic debridement, and is cost-effective.

If you missed listening to the webinar last week, click the link below to watch the complete educational series that takes a deep dive into the new VetBlue products.


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