Throughout the year, these riders work to obtain enough points in their respective league to gain an invitation to the prestigious finals. There are four leagues – Pacific League, Western European League, Central European League and the North American League (NAL) – which the riders compete in in hopes of qualifying for the final. Each league has slightly different qualifying procedures and a select number of qualifying competitions, but in the end the top 18 horse-and-rider combinations from around the world are selected to compete.

DaD is proud to be the host of one of the ten NAL qualifiers that can ultimately lead riders to an invitation to the finals. Only the top three riders from the NAL are invited to compete in the finals—decided by points accumulated throughout the season. Being the first competition of the new qualifying cycle, riders look to DaD to set a standard for the season.

“I think it’s a very good way for riders to get their start in the qualifying process and get a jump-start to their qualifying process,” says George Williams, one of the longest serving presidents of the USDF and who currently sits on the DaD board of directors.

Williams also notes that the past two winners of DaD’s qualifier have gone on to compete in the finals, confirming the class helps riders go on to success. With only 10 qualifying competitions within the NAL, it’s important for riders to choose competitions that set them up for success, and DaD provides a positive experience to do this. DaD is the only competition held in the Northeast, making it convenient for riders from this area and Canada to compete as all other NAL qualifying competitions are held in Florida and California.

“Riding within the Dixon Oval is a special occasion because it has a very electric atmosphere. It’s an iconic event and competition. It has a feel to it that really is nowhere else, at least in the United States,” Williams says. For riders and spectators alike, the Saturday night freestyle class under the lights is an unforgettable experience.

The DaD 2024 FEI Dressage World Cup™ Final Qualifier will give riders the chance to earn points for the 2025 finals to be held in Basel, Switzerland. DaD will be held from September 24th-29th 2024. Don’t miss the opportunity to compete in the Dixon Oval or watch top riders fight for the first qualifying win of the season.  Spectator tickets are available for purchase now!


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