Retired polo or race horses transition; when donated to ReplayPolo 501c3 Charity, from caring owners and trainers, who want their horses to retire from the sport of polo or racing. Donated RETIRED polo ponies or race horses end up happily ever after in the arms of a loving family with a new purpose in life. A new purposes in life may vary; therapeutic riding, pasture mate, trail horse, lesson horse, western, English, jumping, eventing etc. No matter the age 3yr to 28yr we find the horse its new purpose to suits its’ mind and body.

Winwood 3yr. gelding available for adoption now! Potential to become a hunter/jumper., fox hunter or polo pony.

These retired race horses are in “transition” from the racetrack to find a new purpose in life. During this transition period, they experience many new things in life; time being turned out in a big paddock, fox hunting with Palm Beach Hounds, Winter Equestrian Festival, flag parade at Gay Polo Tournament, and schooling lessons with Olympic trainers and USPA Hall of Fame polo players. The horse and its new adoptee will decide its new life long career path. 

Winwood 3yr. gelding available for adoption now. Neigh Neigh 3yr. gelding has been adopted!

ReplayPolo is much appreciative of our sponsors! USPA Global Licensing and Buena Vibra woman’s’ polo team, financial donations to ensure the high quality care for retired polo ponies. Cavalor feed empowers these Replay polo and race horses to shine healthy in the new purpose in life. Modeling good looks with FarmStand at Wellington International, brings out the charm. 

Most of these horses are thoroughbreds.  Some people think thoroughbreds are hot but that’s not always true. The horses’ mind goes back to the environment. Thoroughbreds are very sensitive horses. Their sensitivity syncs with the person that is handling them. When these horses are donated to ReplayPolo 501c3 Charity, they are handled with the sensitive care of ReplayPolo’s Founder, Brittany Halstead. They find a new purpose with a forever family to adopt them, where they continue living in high equine welfare standards. 

Go Christian aka ‘Socks’ 4yr off the track thoroughbred, was adopted by Canadian Rachel Wiens. Her and Socks are now living in Wellington, FL., where they both wish to remain in the Horse Capital of the World. Socks started racing at Gulf Stream Racetrack in 2021. Now in 2024, he is loved, cared, and trained by Rachel, becoming a hunter/jumper horse. During 2022 and 2023 off the track, Socks needed a lot of rehab to cure his ulcers and hooves. Brittany and Rachel gave him their heart and time, which has been the key to his success story. Socks has always been soft, safe minded and shows his appreciation for the care, he is given. Rachel’s heart sings for Socks, “I’ve been fortune enough to find and work with Go Christian aka Socks on a daily basis. He’s extremely sensitive yet has an unbelievable work ethic which makes training him and seeing his progress extremely rewarding. I’m happy to see him become a serious competitor in a new discipline past racing.”

Go Christian and Rachel Wiens.
Go Christian and Rachel Wiens.

Some horses retire from polo or racing due to an injury which, is cared for by USPA Hall of Famer Paul Wollman and other veterinarians and farriers. Most importantly, the daily care, daily work/rehab schedule and TLC is shared with the adopter to ensure the high equine welfare carries on for the rest of the horse’s life. 

The safe mindset of these horses; for their riders and caregivers is the most important! A horse may have a fixed ankle joint but, doesn’t mean we have to ban them from riding, just monitor the pleasure riding. The mentality of the young off the track horses is nurtured in a way to become tame and respectful. These horses are work horses, love to be ridden and get lots of attention. A world famous 10-goal polo player once said, “A safe horse is more important than a sound horse.” If you would like to adopt or donate a retired polo pony or a retired race horse please contact or call 615-618-8316. ReplayPolo FB or Instagram to view available horses. 


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