Launching today May 1 – 31, and coinciding with Mental Health Awareness Month, Seen Through Horses is a peer-to-peer campaign composed of people, mental health specialists, celebrities, influencers, and businesses to increase awareness, public engagement, and raise funds to improve access to 55+ nonprofit Charity Partners incorporating horses for mental health and personal growth.

Mental health does not discriminate. It touches every person, either personally or through a loved one. We need to think outside of the box and provide more innovative solutions to providing mental health services.

Watch the story of the incredible impact that a small nonprofit organization is having on the community of Oakland, California. “We Ride Too” is committed to serving a wide range of young people in the Oakland area who face various challenges and traumas with limited access to resources. Through programs for youth to connect with nature and horses, each child has a place where they are told they “can,” instead of “can’t,” breaking barriers and making a difference for their mental health and future.

The Seen Through Horses Campaign seeks to strengthen an inclusive, accepting and diverse community, increasing awareness and access to quality mental health and personal growth programs incorporating horses that serve all people.

As Seen Through Horses Campaign galvanizes equine and mental health communities around one message, espoused at the same time, choose one of our 55+ nonprofit Charity Partners to support from May 1-31, 2023 by visiting our website and make a donation to a Seen Through Horses’ nonprofit Charity Partner.

If horses have impacted your life, mental health or personal journey, please share your story and tag us! To help engage and bring awareness to communities around the world, follow and share posts from @horsesformentalhealth!


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